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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2013 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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management of pride. if the organization has operated without clear policy and procedures it demonstrates a lack of governance. on may 21st meeting minutes from november 2012 from the president and on may 29, i was informed that the board minutes were available but she would need to do some research to find january. to date i have only received february, march and april may and june minutes and only june draft of minutes. this is a problem because there is a lot of claims being made about revised policies and procedures and there seems to be no trail in the minutes and the board
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minutes of these changes being affected. again i haven't seen the board minutes. two planning meetings in may and august of 2013 were canceled and only one was rescheduled. these meetings are mandated by the corporation's bylaws and set boo i the approval of annual ship of the meeting. i was e-mailed on july 30th stating that first resolution adopted by the membership, pride's board has the right to reschedule the meeting when the interest of the organization so dictates. i have not been able to find any meetings of the organization that verifies this claim. then he e-mailed me on august 3rd that did face resolution which is ratified by members that gives pride membership meetings. i have no minutes that substantiate these
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claims. i was given a copy of the bylaws back in early june which were reported to me presented to me as the most up to date policies and procedures and board bylaws. another issue is the membership sign up switched from an online application to a system whenever the form had to be printed out and submitted to the office. this happened at a time and the people that were critical in handling this were signing up as board members. they claimed the membership system had been hacked. no report has been issued or any sort of follow up. at the july 2013 pride members meeting which opened the process for nominating candidates for the
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board election, sf pride leadership was not able to tell the members how many seats were up for election. clearly violating the laws and policies. this is a continual lack of the understanding of the bylaws and the organization. that is obviously very trouble. at the september 3, 2013, board meeting, learn lest than 2 weeks before the annual meeting of the board election, the directors change the number of board seats from 12 to 10. it was at 15. the previous standing rule stated a third of the board members that had previously been elected had to stand at election. in the case of a fraction, you end up with a fraction, the previous
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standing rules say the numbers had to be rounded up at this meeting last week. this has changed to round to the nearest whole numbers who stand for election. there is relevant document in the attachment i gave you. finally board president lisa williams stated that the organization policies and procedures was a reason that they had to -- relay chelsey manning as this year grand -- marshall in this parade. the policies clearly states they are authorized to a point up to three. i have provided relevant document. i have one short closing. i think a lot of the issues about problems with keeping good executive directors is the board is not properly trained
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on its relationship with the executive director. i think from what i understand, the board hasn't even been trained on its own decision making process. this seems to be almost no training on best board practices and i think that is something that could go a long way towards solving the problems. >> thank you, next speaker and i have another speaker card and i apologize for mispronouncing it. >> good afternoon. my name is joe virginia. i'm a candidate on the upcoming board of directors' elections for pride. i was also a community grand marshall last year and for the past 15 years i have cohosted and produced with donna sash e
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for the resource center and i have board experience with past president and 5 years as chairman and served on various boards from the lgbt human rights commission to the hiv aids planning council. my intent today is to not make anything personal. in fact i don't know most of the people on the board of directors'. my criticism of the day is to shed like on the governance of trying to offer my help to the organization. in no means do i want any of our hearings saying that sf pride should be turned over to any governing body. i feel it's perfectly based as a non-profit organization and should remain as such. joe king, had listed have of my issues that i have. i would say
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that while i applaud everybody who volunteers, the bulk of the work as most know is by the contractors and staff limited ats it is is lucky to have lucky and a few dedicated people. i don't feel earl plant was the appropriate ceo and i'm glad that he's sense resigned. i feel the current board of directors' is very difficult to work with, not transparent and not accountable. i advise and there may be a large meeting and asked that they get a larger room and they did not and we ended up with a fiasco because they locked out a hundred people outside of their offices. all 4 candidates for the board were invited, none of the five incumbents had the
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courtesy to respond to the invitation and none attended. if you take the 5 incumbence of two you have a perfect slate of people, 5 incumbents and two new people the board authorized. i was a witness to this saying this was 12 seats to 10 seats. the excuse of saying we want to receive 5 seats to take advantage of the people to put on the board later. it doesn't fly with me. >> may i ask you a question. we don't want to lose a quorum of the committee. i'm going to ask you to wrap up. >> i would just say that i'm thrilled that the finances are in better shape but there are
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many people that feel disenfranchised with the community. what you have heard is what the community has been dealing with for 5 months in getting short answers and not a lot of accountability. i hope the hearings continue. we have more information to bring and after elections we have more information to bring to you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors. i have been out spoken about the celebrations here and new york city sense the late 1990s. at the members meeting the members passed a set of
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resolution asking for the board to comply with procedures. i took extensive notes at that meeting and since the board has not provided any minutes up to date i posted my own notes. based on these notes, on the several resolutions were ignored. the members were to post the updated procedures within a week of that meeting. they have still not been posted. they were set to set out candidate statements. these were not sent out according to the timeline and the format indicated in pride zone. third, the members that the board should comply with statutory authorization according to code section 6632. as of july 16, two members had made such request and 5 days have passed
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without response. after 7/16 several other members have made request and i'm not aware of one that was honored in 5 days. it took more than a month 1/2. at that meeting, the members repeated hee asked the board why the online form you heard about had been removed from the website. knob offered that information except for an item cal error watt data base. as a professional in the field i'm curious what that technical might have been. the downloadable pdf amounted to an online form. contrary to generally accepted language in forms. since the pdf must be staged and filled out, it's
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not really possible for members to fill that out and the current board has drastically reduced the number of membership. in closing i would like to honor the contractors and staff and many of the volunteers who put so much work in the organization. i hope that we can turn around the -- the organization. >> thank you very much. please turn off your cell phones. >> hello, i'm a pride member and gay man. it's been difficult to find a good c
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exterior -- ceo and what the criteria maybe. traditionally it's been lgbt person. i think we should open ourselves to the straight community, at least let them know that we would consider them. we might get a rather motivated and interested person who wants a challenge. the two lawyers who won the victory in the supreme court over the lead lawyers over scene ame sex were heterosexuals. the broke back mountain the movie about gay relationships were heterosexuality. why limit ourselves. we might have someone that has something special to offer. i'm not saying it has to be but something to consider in our search. >> thank you very much, next
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speaker please. >> good afternoon, supervisors, i can't tell you how relieved i am to be here and that you are conducting this hearing. it's something that we wanted in the community for a really long time. i appreciate this opportunity and i also want to express my gratitude to the pride board for this past service that you have carried out and the transition from a fragile economic situation to the current day. to be able to provide balance in this hearing i think is very important and to make sure that we all know that it's not a one-sided issue that we are confronting here. i'm sue an landers and a top manager at a major non-profit
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at stanford universe and the associate director of the matter lutdz king project and research institute. the two issues i want to raise with you to me are very bottom line issues. it's sort of reminds me of the fact that when i started graduate school in 1992, i had to remind my male colleagues in the graduate division why woman's history was a legitimate form of study when it had been in the field for 20 years. i said you are not an ungrad. that is not an under graduate question. that's one of the reasons why we are still here. we are grappling with very bottom line-up issues with pride. when steps are taken,
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what are the outcomes. and again it's very basic management driven principles. so first of all, stability. i'm not kind of person and property bho goes with phraseers form of communication which is basically i'm length. i really, my expectations are higher than that. what i want to hear is i'm responding. i'm engaging. i'm reciprocallying. those of us who are members, we wanted to know more, joey cane has been instrumental at moving behind-the-scenes to try to work with the board that he thought that was going to be friendly and responsive as well as reviewed bylaws and
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procedures and practices with very little return. >> if i may ask you to finish your statement. >> i'm on the runway to wrap up here. basically to a lot of steps have been taken but to what end, all the meetings, trainings, retreats and consultants and the huddles that the board has gone to and what is has come in all of this . where is the involvement of the community, transparency, democracy and accountability. it takes a heart, soul and conscious. this is what i present you with. >> thank you very much. next speaker please.
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>> hello board members. thanks for your time. i'm going to troo i and be brief and try to say things people haven't said with regard from a rather unique perspective from having been a labor union activist for years. i also work with bradley manning support network as well as the pride accountability coalition that came together around this past year fiasco. it was a from esh entrance to an event that i had long insist to the corporate drunk and street party and hadn't been around it for a dozen years.
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i'm not opposed from it happening. but i just basically stayed away. coming and witnessing this years behave of the board was a real eye opener. i can say that even in some of the knockdown drag out balance -- battles that i participated in i never witnessed such arrogance and disrespect from a wall of resistance towards community input. it really makes me sad, all cynicism aside that mr. plant chooses to codify his arrogance. he was a terrific fundraiser. i had just about come to a grudging respect for
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him before his resignation for that set of skills which is something that many of us could never have done. he was a great fundraiser. that said, his total arrogance and the lack of ability to deal with people, to have him codify that into racism in a city that still suffers egregious daily examples of the most vial racism and segregation is beyond the pale to me. it's really sad to me. this was not about anything other than that earl's terrible behavior during these last 3 months. thanks again for this meeting. hopefully we can continue to work this out. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please.
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>> good afternoon supervisors. thank you very much for hosting this meetings. every time since the voters commission has met i have been at that meeting. i share no not in pride but our commitment to our veterans community. i'm equally committed to the lgbt community in san francisco. i have lived in san francisco for 26 years. this is my home. i have lived in no other place sense san francisco. in 1986 i attended the first san francisco pride organization. i'm a past board member of the organization and in the past 6 years coordinated with our veterans and the american allegiancelegions. we are the ambassadors for our disabled as well as our viep
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vooips. i'm deeply upset about this organization. this management has led our pride organization to a disaster. we've seen night violence and shootings and this needs to be addressed. it's totally appropriate for the city of san francisco to hold the host body in any event fully responsible for those that attend the event. there are many ways to do this in the future. i suggest get the cameras. as we all know the heinous violence before the pride, the only reason that person was apprehended was because of the
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cameras provided. for the pats -- past 3 years it's been more violent. earl plant nominated one of the candidates up for board election and that should not be appropriate in any non-profit organization. i'm glad lisa was here. she's a very beautiful woman. if you put one hat on top of her head it would be magnificent. she has decided to take a leave of absence when board of pride while she accepts the interim director ship of pride. congratulations to lisa. she has not given herself a rise. i would like to throw the issue of raise, since early plant and his quote to the racial politics of personal destruction. i would like to
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share as one latino there is not a single latino on this board of directors, i can't remember the last time there was a latino in this board of directors'. you can ask this through your current president and the in interim lawyer, when was the last time there was a latino on this board. hello, my name is jaime cater. i'm a political activist. i live in the east bay. i see on page 3 of your agenda it says the government's duties to serve the public reaching a decision and full view of the public. commissions, boards and council to conduct the people's
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business. this organizationen insures that this business is conducted boo before the people and city operation is open to the people's review. i know the sf pride board and everything associated is not a city agencies but surely they can get an example of this what i just read on page 3 of your agenda. i'm concerned that this position in the pride board is called ceo. my this is considered in a private
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association. my mother lost her house to a private bank as a person called ceo. >> hello. i have spent the last 20 years and also directed hiv programs using chinese medicine. i'm here because what brought me to the meetings to again with was the whole thing that happened around bradley manning now known as chelsey manning. i felt what i was reading was so wrong to me that
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i decided to speak up. people weren't interested who were running the show. that is what is most important is that this is a member driven organization. theoretically that's how it started. the whole thing began because of people's oppression. people don't join to get this because they are oppressed. what came was contentious out in the street saying we need to be acknowledged. what happened? we started to get a little bit of acknowledgment and stop -- acknowledging everybody else and we come to chelsey manning and this whole process and we decide this isn't good enough we are going to throw the rules out. they throw out a lot of rules, they throw out the
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bylaws. they just keep throwing out what doesn't work for them. i want to say one thing before i go on in the negative. i have had extremely positive experience with lucky gutierrez. extremely. he's been professional. every time i have e-mailed, called, he's answered. there are real problems in the board, the board is trying to maintain itself and they forget that there are members, that there are rules and there is reasons for rules and that's so we can all be actually involved but what's starting to happen is manipulation. there was a discussion and we were told there were 12 board members, now there was 10. that was
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heartbreaking. i was hoping there were 15. the secretary cannot get the meetings out because she's too busy. they need more help. to turn this around again the manipulation. one last thing. i know people bring up this whole idea about contentious. continue getting contentious until you get it right. doesn't mean you have to be disrespect, but it doesn't mean we haven't to prevent ourselves from speaking up until they hear us. >> thank you very much. is there anymore people from the public who would like to come and speak? seeing none, public
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comment is closed. >> i want to ask a couple follow up questions to the president of the board. >> yes, supervisor. >> thank you. it really does concern me some of the things that have been said in public comment. let me begin with some of the vendors and contractors, the fact that people have been involved in these events are saying some of the things irrespective of the individuals comments. that is a concern that so many people that have been involved that are saying things. i'm wondering if you have any thoughts or response to that? >> you asked me earlier. the overall production is created by many different people. our


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